Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers



Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist

About Coach


Turning Point

I was not an athletic person growing up. Gym class was not somewhere I felt comfortable. However, later in high school, when my friend wanted me to join her at a new gym in town I accepted. This is where my love of weight training and working out in a gym environment began. Soon I began teaching aerobics despite my very shy demeanor. Somehow my new love of fitness took over and I wanted to help others change their lives. Throughout my life, I always maintained some kind of personal fitness. Adapting what that looked like with my circumstances at the time. After years of "coaching" myself I wanted to support others achieve their goals as a career.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping people change their life through fitness. Seeing people have the confidence and abilities to do whatever they set out to do is a gift they give back to me as their coach. This is a result of the hard work they put in not only in the gym but in their daily life. By creating new lifestyle guidelines and developing new habits people are living more productive, active, and longer lives. Our quality of life can be improved through fitness no matter what age we are at. The future is bright!

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