Jennifer Hotner

Jennifer Hotner

Fitness and Nutrition coach

BCPA/CPL National level powerlifter with multiple provical records.

Best comp lifts: Squat 150kg/ 330 lbs

Bench 75kg/165 lbs

Deadlift 147.5 kg/325 lbs

total 365 kg/804 lbs

Recently achieved a few WRPF National records in the Women's Masters 45-49 Classic Raw division.



CPT 2010 FMS- L1 2018

Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach 2019

ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist 2022

Currently studying GGS (Girls Gone Strong) L1 Coach

About Coach

I wasn't hugely athletic in school, and although I played some field hockey and volleyball in elementary, I didn't participate in sports after that. I did however always love being active outdoors playing in fields, forests, and on beaches with my brothers and friends. I didn't start exercising until my late 20's after working in kitchens as a professional cook for 10 years, my weight had gotten away from me and I decided it was time to do something about it before it was too difficult to make a change. I started going to a local women's gym, which led to other activities like Aqua Fit, Jazzercise, and Bootcamp. As I got older, I found other types of sport that hadn't been available to me as a teenager or young adult like Obstacle Course Adventure Races and eventually, Powerlifting. I have also spent most of my continuing education hours studying nutrition to support my clients and complement my professional cooking skills.

Turning Point

After several years of taking classes with the same boot camp instructor, she eventually encouraged me to become a personal trainer to share my new passion for fitness and my motivation with others. It was still a few more years before I was able to see myself as Strong and not "big". As a fairly petite woman, I still always felt bigger especially, my legs. It wasn't until I started lifting weights in the gym that I was able to see myself, and my legs in particular, as strong. This lead me to train for Powerlifting in 2016 and go on to compete at a National level and bring home several Provincial records and many medals.

Motivation & Passion

I am very passionate about helping others find their strength. I get especially excited when women learn to love the bodies they were given while getting stronger. I love how they find it helps them improve their enjoyment of daily life and that physical changes can come as well when we improve our relationship with food and fitness. I hope to help people have a better relationship with food so they can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet and learn that eating well doesn't have to be restrictive, difficult, or expensive.

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